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Posted by siduadmnew 26/04/2019 1 Comment(s)


Hello everyone!


We all have in our entourage one or people who are preparing to pass a course! Whether you are in your thirties, fifties or sixties … You want to make a mark for this person dear to your heart and you want to organize a surprise birthday , but you do not know where to start, or how you to take it? All you know is that surprise party planners in bengaluru deserves, at least for this day, to be celebrated!

Do not worry, you’re in the right place!

Organize is our job! Give us all of the advice, and we are going to look after the rest! Organizing a surprise birthday is a long-term job, it takes time and energy that is sometimes difficult to find between work, family, home … Call on our services and the team Siddu Events is sure to organize a successful surprise event planners, as you imagined for that person dear to your life for which you organize it.

How’s it going? Well it’s very simple. We listen to your requests, we discuss together what you want, we propose ideas and advise you with our experience to organize a surprise birthday that this person will remember all his life! We will collaborate together, we will present a project and we will adjust if necessary! We take care of everything according to your desires and your constraints, and the D-day, you will only find the good excuse to accompany this person to the place of his surprise decorators in Bengaluru!

So if you want to bring together your loved ones , whether at home, in bengaluru or abroad like here, whether you want a sporting surprise weekend or lazy, whatever, we will do our best to achieve a unforgettable day and we will make this anniversary an event where everyone can enjoy and have fun and above all, which everyone will remember!

So, do you know who will be the lucky next to be surprised for his birthday?


1 Comment(s)

06/06/2019, 04:53:40 AM,

Thank you Siddu events for making my kid’s birthday party as one of the special and unforgettable moments of my life. All the guests had great time; especially the birthday party games, cake and other birthday menu items were enjoyed by everyone.It was really hard to manage guests with all the arrangements like decide the birthday return gifts, birthday cakes, birthday decors etc. It was my first experience with any event management company and I will highly recommend your services, especially for those parents who have busy schedule and have lots of friends and relatives.

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