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What would be a pirate birthday without a cake personalized to your young betting larvae? That's how it works!
Cake photo
A birthday cake is a buffet king! Are you throwing a birthday party with a pirate motif for your little adventurer? So here you will love pirate birthday cake recipes for Birthday party planners in Bangalore offer birthday packages! Chocolate, cream, vanilla flavor, in short, everything we like! And for the original party, the Birthday organisers in Bangalore have's birthday ordered a surprise that was more than just a cherry on a cake: a personalized piece of sugar with the most adorable pirate picture! Surely you will surprise all your guests and especially the main guests!
There are various copies of pirates for boys, but also for girls! Yes, there are also adventurers at the party!
Sift the powder into a bowl: flour, yeast, sugar and salt. Then add vanilla.
Melt the butter, then add to the powder and whip properly, preferably with an electric stirrer, to bring air into the equipment. This is what will give your cake.
Add egg and cocoa powder. Always stir, add milk. Shake until your device is smooth.
Brush the two pans with butter and parchment paper, divide the dough into two equal parts and pour it into the mold.
Bake your cake at 175 ° C for 20 to 25 minutes. To test cooking, test with a knife-edge: stick a cake, remove the knife, and check that it is dry. Then your cake is ready.
At the end of the cooking process, remove the clams from the oven and allow the cake to cool.
Cut dark chocolate into small pieces and lightly melt in a glass.
In a bowl, add butter with ointment and refined sugar, then destroy all work. You can now add coffee (if you like, remember, this is optional!), Vanilla and finally melted chocolate.
Stir until you have a ganache with a smooth texture and smooth appearance.
Shoot the ganache and the book.
To get the perfect mix, remove the two pieces of cake, the surface is curved or slightly cooked (this is often done at the edge of the cake). Two pieces of your cake must have the same diameter.
Place the first piece of cake in the dish you have chosen for presentation and cover with a generous layer of chocolate ganache. Use a cake spatula to spread it well. The goal is to get an ordinary coat so that after the cake is only left.
Place the second part of the cake on top of the ganache layer and cover with a layer of ganache that is evenly and evenly distributed.
Finally, cover the entire cake (with sides) with a thin layer of ganache.
Note: If necessary, you can add a second layer of ganache. Let the cake cool between the first and second layers for about 10 minutes to ensure even rendering.
STEP 4: Decorate the cake
Schacht cake
Personalized slices of sugar must be placed in the freezer for several minutes before handling.
After this preparation step, you can cut the disc to the desired size if necessary, remove the protective layer and place the sugar disk on the cake.
If your cake is slightly larger than the slice, it's much better! You can decorate the tower with a pedestal pocket without covering the photo!
Tip: If the top of the cake is slightly uneven, your slices may not be perfectly smooth. To overcome this problem, don't hesitate to create a marzipan base that will help.
Finally, take the remaining ganache, place it in a star-shaped piping bag and decorate the contour and the base of the chocolate cake as you wish.
And now your personal pirate cake can be swallowed!

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