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The birthday of the kid is essential, but if he turns 10, it is a huge step! You must do things significant to flip this birthday into a memorable moment!

Don't worry, Birthday event planners in Bangalore has chosen a record of 10 unique birthdays to be produced in recreational areas, wherever your kid and his buddies will probably be welcomed as the sins of daily.

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Pick the ideal birthday and the celebration starts! 


ANNIVERSARY trottinette

Watch your kid's scooter with friends in a genuine Skatepark!

Supervised by state-certified teachers, this anniversary will probably appeal to both girls and boys and will introduce guests into a secure ride using a scooter.

A unique birthday, friendly and fun with high emotions... Success and laughs guaranteed! 



To begin at the footsteps of children, the Birthday party organisers in Bangalore provide round anniversary puzzles, treasure and visits hunt in the Luxembourg Garden. The kids go looking for this"puzzle envelope" of this art history research workers by assisting you tips hidden by Professor Schnock!

By solving riddles in literature, art, theatre and also the background of Indian, kids will develop their understanding.

A happy birthday to have fun when growing! 



With Team Break, provide your kid with an unforgettable and irregular birthday about an Escape Sport!

The kids enter as a group at an area themed decoration and also have an opportunity to finish a mission, during the solving of puzzles along with even the comprehension of experiments. Logic, monitoring, communication, group cohesion and cold blood!

Then set the detectives and the celebration starts! 



Transform your kid's birthday into a real adventure sport and arrange the occasion together with the cooperation of Laser Game.

Electricity your kids in 3 mysterious and perplexing labyrinths improved with traps and hiding areas in addition to their 35 final generation vests.

Dare the experience with buddies: draw, and then take... for senses and a discharge ensured! Directly speaking, a very original and memorable birthday to your kids.

Give your kid an unforgettable birthday in the SEA LIFE Greatest birthday party organisers at Bangalore Aquarium 5 minutes from the Disney parks.

With pools with beautiful views and ideal for young kids, the SEA LIFE volcano provides a panorama of unique ecosystems like coral reefs, the Amazon, the great ocean depths... And most importantly, a 360 ° tube to get a famous face to face with sharks!

An area of attractions to reside a magical birthday with friends!

Give your kid a memorable birthday in a 4x4 safari in the Zoological Park of Thoiry.

The kids will find creatures in liberty and semi-freedom such as the zebras, the dinosaurs, the giraffes, the antelopes... On the program: monitoring of the critters in freedoms and feeding of their dinosaurs along with the antelopes of this book!

So take the drapes and allow the party to start! 



As a result of Blockbuster, provide your kid with a memorable and irregular birthday about scaling!

About the program: 1 hour of scaling, 1-hour space earmarked for your birthday snack and accessibility into the Slack lineup (ribbon of tightrope walker). All of the requirements are there to produce the birthday party planner in Bangalore a particular second: 1 qualified teacher to oversee and reestablish the group of kids so that everybody reaches shirts with a grin!

Then put the small Spiderman, and the celebration begins since at Blockbuster, anything is possible! 



As a result of Moovens, provide your kid with a memorable birthday by coordinating a sports action on the topic of roller skating!

This roller-coaster anniversary will appeal to boys in addition to women and will present all guests to skate with no anxiety and enjoy fun on the rollers, even for novices. This extreme and authentic action of gliding transmits crucial worth of sharing, liberty, and calmness safely due to the qualified teachers.

It lets to practice a game while having fun... Success and laughter guaranteed!



Due to Elite 5 Soccer, provide your kid with a memorable birthday by coordinating a sports action on the subject of soccer!

About the program: 2h of celebration with a game on a soccer field at a significant bite in one of the area. All kids engage, play and have fun, even newbies!
Then put the celebrities of this ball and the celebration starts!



Give a photograph birthday for your kid and his buddies!

About the program: a welcome in an audio, make-up, photoshoot, the birthday cake, the photograph print for every kid to leave a souvenir!

This location devoted to the world of photography has its studio, and nothing like a first setting to celebrate his birthday! From an original motif to pick from, the Photo Up group takes care of all of the Party partners in Bangalore of this event for your relaxation and also a guaranteed success!

For your birthday of your artist, provide him with an outstanding app: a painting or sculpture action, the party of this occasion in a vernissage bringing together kids and adults (chocolate cake, beverages and candy ) and Birthday organisers in Bangalore at the VIP area for young musicians.

Your kids will devote a creative second in a warm, casual and festive setting, and every budding artist will depart with his very own production (painting or sculpture)!

With 3D Globe, give your child an exceptional birthday about 3D printing!

Kids will discover how to design an item from a drawing with 3D modelling applications and the newest generation printer. Kids will find this technology and produce their very own mini, and every child leaves with its creation!

So put into the founders, and the celebration starts!



At the Tasty frame of this gallery, Birthday party organisers close to me of your kids around a photographic workshop followed by a vernissage along with all the parents!

Kids will find the alternative of clay, Fimo glue, mad plastic, origami, painting or drawing. Children express themselves openly with various substances to give free rein to their creativity!

So set to budding musicians!


14. ANNIVERSARY parties

Thank you to Birthday planner near me, invite your kid and his friends to live the first birthday and in tune!

Sidduevents is the best activity for children and teens! The private space is acceptable for kids: the touch displays are simple to use, and the soundproofing is complete to allow them to have pleasure openly!

A unique chance to immerse yourself from the skin of a celebrity, to discuss this moment of celebration with his buddies and, for sure, to have fun!



Prepared for a birthday filled with tales, riddles and discoveries thanks to our spouse?

For two hours, your kids investigate the Birthday party organiser Bangalore in an enjoyable manner, action booklet in hand! From perplexing queries, they roam the Grand Foyer, the splendid staircase, the salons of the Moon and Glacier. Your professional guide for youthful viewers will accompany and discuss with your kids his enthusiasm for art, riddles, discoveries and background!

Then set to the celebration starts!

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