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Wedding planners in Bangalore – Siddu Events

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wedding planners in Bangalore – Siddu Events

The organization of a wedding seems complex, time-consuming and you are afraid that the final does not correspond to your original idea. Do not worry, you’re not the only ones thinking that. Fortunately balloon decoration in bangalore and her team of super girls are here to help you.
Wedding planners what are these missions?


The first role of a wedding planner in Bengaluru is to listen to you and understand your desires to achieve the wedding of your dreams. Because yes our main goal at Siddu events is to make you happy, to create a little bubble of happiness for you and your loved ones for a weekend.


Once we listen to your desires, we realize a precise specifications that will allow us to offer our partners. Qualified professionals we trust. If you have specific desires we are looking for you the rare pearl that will sublimate your project.

We take care of all the positions necessary for the smooth running of your birthday decoration bangalore . Location search, caterer, DJ, photographer and / or videographer, wedding dress, costume, beauty, baby sitter, musicians, … we are a solid team at your side,


Wedding planner is a logistician profession. Wedding decorators in Bengaluru strategy our jobs. Then, we share the planning of preparation with you so that we are all connected on the various works to be carried out throughout the preparations. We have tracking charts for everything, budget, schedule, guest management. To Do List so that everything is safe and you are calm because you avoid stress is still a very important role for us.


You have certainly spent a few hours on Pinterest to select ideas, decorative photos that you like. Our role is to see what is achievable in the place you have selected.
We are somehow an artistic director to give vis to your desires. A country wedding, a bohemian wedding, mix plant and rose gold, we study all the possibilities so that the decoration that makes you want fits in your budget despite the constraints often imposed by the reception venues.


at a wedding you want to control everything and yet we must leave some room for surprises! Yes I know it can be scary to give free rein to the imagination of your friends and witnesses. But that’s also part of the wedding game. Well each of us, yes even well hidden in the depths of your body, we love surprises! And then it’s always nice to remember the good times spent.

The most important thing in these surprises is still to limit them and especially to integrate them well in the planning so that the day’s unfolding goes off without a hitch. Because yes it is very important for the caterer and the DJ to know what is planned. Imagine a little video prepared with love without a video projector, the surprise falls to the water. Or if the caterer has prepared his plates and there your friends start their game! All your guests will eat cold, drama. So our role is to plan all this without spoiling the surprise


So if you felt the important role of the top wedding planners in Bengaluru with this mission you will be conquered. So that you can enjoy this beautiful day, we become the daughter of the shadow. We manage everything so that everything is connected and that you can enjoy, have fun and especially with all your loved ones. Because yes many tell us but we will entrust several missions to our witnesses, parents … but I remind you that are normally the most important people for you so I think I want you to see them at most during your wedding. It is still more fun to drink a glass of champagne with your witnesses while you have your hair done rather than send the tips of the bench to the church or finish the decoration of the tables.
wedding planners in bangalore  will have spent hours developing a schedule for the day to go well, there is a good momentum so it takes a conductor to ensure that everything happens as agreed. Because yes there are always unforeseen at a wedding, it is not a legend. Do not you rather have fun than manage all that?

So convinced?

All you have to do is call the Siddu Events of your choice.

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