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10 Tips for Preparing a Child's First Birthday Party

Posted by siduadmnew 13/08/2019 6 Comment(s)

10 Tips for Preparing a Child's First Birthday Party From Birthday event planners in Bangalore.


Make this party festive and unforgettable.


Approaching the child's first birthday, surely Mama and Papa will consider many things, including having a pleasant birthday party.


What should be prepared to make a 1st birthday party in Bangalore for children?


If you are still confused, try the following tips!


1. Determine the concept of a birthday party


Because this is the first birthday party for the little one, it's not wrong if Mama and Papa make a new party.

However, before making a party, Mama should prepare some concepts from this Birthday party event planners in Bangalore event management.

There are several considerations regarding the concept of Party planners in Bangalore, such as;

Is the little girl or boy?

An animated figure who is starting to steal his attention?

The colour that matches the character of the Little One?

Prefer indoor or outdoor events?

Private or large event?

All these questions, you can discuss with Papa and even with a large family so you can make the right party concept for your child.




2. Prepare a party budget

When Mama and Papa already know the concept of a party to be made for the first birthday of the little one, don't forget to plan the birthday party budget.

Budget planning from the beginning or long before the D-day can ease the burden on Mama, most importantly Mama can save more than not planning party costs, for example, such as booking a place in advance can be cheaper than paying for bookings on D-1 events.

By specifying what the party needs are, Mama can spend even more discipline.

Guaranteed, Papa also does not bother if in more detail. Also, making a list of party needs can choose what is most necessary and what is not required.







3. Make a list of invitations that come

Some children who are one year old may be afraid to meet a stranger or a new place.

However, some children are happy to meet many people, especially when they encounter children of the same age.

So, Mama needs to know the character of the Little One when he wants to invite a child's birthday party guests.

If your child doesn't like you even cry when you see a lot of new people, you should make a birthday party that is smaller with the nearest family who is used to meeting your Mama as a guest.

However, if your child is happy to meet many new people, in addition to your family, you can also invite close friends of Mama and Papa, especially those who already have children.

Ask them to bring their children, so the Little One's birthday will be more fun for him.





4. Choose the right time

Timing also should not be wrong when Mama held a birthday party for children.

Consider what time your little one usually naps, so it's better to avoid the timing.

If you invite guests who have children, you should also ask what time your child takes a nap.

In this way, Mama can minimise the cries of many children during children's birthday parties.

When they know when their children are sleeping, Mama can pull the safest hours free from children's napping hours.

An exciting birthday party can be held without hearing the sound of many children crying.






5. Choose a place to throw a party

Like the question above, the area is also under consideration, Ma. The house is usually the most comfortable place to hold mama's first birthday party.

The house is also the safest place for your child.

However, if the house is too small, but the number of people you invite is vast, consider making a birthday party in a restaurant or a unique party hall.

If the weather is good, consider having a party in a park or zoo.










6. Adjust the party food to the age of the child

Yes, because this is a party for Mama's children who are still one year old, so Mama also has to adjust it to what is the favourite of the little one and his age friends.

Finger food can be dug for babies and adults.

Children will be able to eat this snack while playing too, you know.

Some babies may already have teeth and can chew this party food, or some don't have teeth so Mama can consider other meals, such as sandwiches with small chunks, cheese cut for the little finger, pieces of fruit, and some sweet and salty canapé variations can be an exciting choice of party dishes.

Well, for Mama's little guests, food ideas like nuts, hard candy, popcorn, raisins, marshmallows, and other foods that might pose a choking hazard to young children.

As for drinks, it's good to have mineral water, milk, and fruit juices suitable for children and provide mineral water and lemon tea for adults.

Don't forget birthday cakes!

Yes, Ma, the name is also a birthday party! So you have to remember to buy a birthday cake with an adorable theme, like a picture of your little one's favourite animated character.

Some parents choose to separate the birthday cake from cakes that guests can enjoy.

So, also provide cupcakes for guests, while children's birthday cakes are immensely enjoyed for families.





7. Provide fun games and activities for children

Make party events more fun by providing games and activities that are suitable for 1-year-olds.

Mama can rent some slides, swings, and mini play areas or if this is troublesome, you can also make a playground by filling up the plastic pool or rubber pool that your little one used to use.

Then fill the pool with plastic balls, so it's the same ball pool as in the mall.

For activities, make fun activities that are suitable for children aged one year, such as providing a unique photo booth for photos of the baby. Ah, so cute!










8. Prepare a goody bag!

Although goody bags are still not needed in children aged 1 year, this attendance is also considered by the guests.

Just provide a bag of cakes with colourful fondant decorations and balloons as a goody bag.

If you want to give gifts to your guests, choose toys that are safe for toddlers.

You can also give storybooks to your little guests so that the goodie bag becomes more.










9. Party planner or make your committee

If you are having an enormous child's birthday party, you might consider looking for a Best birthday party organisers in Bangalore or forming a committee of family members.

By forming a party planner group, Mama can divide the tasks of the decoration, the arrangement of events, to the guest greeters.

This committee will ease Mama's task of preparing a child's birthday party.








10. Don't forget the nursing room

Remember that Mama made a particular party for a 1-year-old child, where there are still those who have not been separated from breast milk and also have to change diapers.

So, it is essential to provide a particular area for breastfeeding and changing diapers in children.

Ma, it turns out there are some essential things that need to be outfitted when Mama and Papa want to make a child's first birthday party.

Make a party that does tailor to your ability.

Do not force if indeed the budget and energy are not enough; then it will become a burden for Mama's mind.

You can also know, throw a birthday party at the shelter as Andien did when Kawa turned one in January.

Don't forget to discuss everything related to the Best birthday party Planners in Bangalore.

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Thank you siddu events, we were full impressed with the work they did... For the same guys we informed the decoration and full event management for my friend Birthday.. As expected it was too good and very much satisfying. All the friends were very impressed so us... Thanks siddu events & team

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