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Corporate Event Services

Corporate Event Services
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Balloon Pillars Decoration -50%

Balloon Pillars Decoration


Service Code: CES-019

Rs. 5,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,999
Basic DJ Setup -68%

Basic DJ Setup


Service Code: CES-015

Rs. 10,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,499
Basic PA System -43%

Basic PA System


Service Code: CES-022

Rs. 3,499
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,999
Candid Photographer -59%

Candid Photographer


Service Code: CES-021

Rs. 12,199
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,999
Canvas Backdrop -56%

Canvas Backdrop


Service Code: CES-010

Rs. 24,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 10,999
Customized Backrop -52%

Customized Backrop


Service Code: CES-008

Rs. 72,699
Ex Tax: Rs. 34,999
DJ Setup For Corporate Show -57%

DJ Setup For Corporate Show


Service Code: CES-004

Rs. 18,499
Ex Tax: Rs. 7,999
Family Day Event Setup -57%

Family Day Event Setup


Service Code: CES-006

Rs. 18,499
Ex Tax: Rs. 7,999
LED Wall Backdrop -42%

LED Wall Backdrop


Service Code: CES-009

Rs. 104,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 60,999
Meeting Point Backdrop Setup -50%

Meeting Point Backdrop Setup


Service Code: CES-002

Rs. 23,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 11,999
Mega Event Backdrop Setup -60%

Mega Event Backdrop Setup


Service Code: CES-001

Rs. 124,599
Ex Tax: Rs. 49,999
PA System For Corporate Show -44%

PA System For Corporate Show


Service Code: CES-016

Rs. 14,399
Ex Tax: Rs. 7,999
Professional Corporate Anchor -55%

Professional Corporate Anchor


Service Code: CES-012

Rs. 15,499
Ex Tax: Rs. 6,999
Professional DJ Player -60%

Professional DJ Player


Service Code: CES-005

Rs. 9,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,999
Professional Emcee -60%

Professional Emcee


Service Code: CES-003

Rs. 9,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,999
Professional HD Video Coverage -49%

Professional HD Video Coverage


Service Code: CES-007

Rs. 13,599
Ex Tax: Rs. 6,999
Professional Photographer -59%

Professional Photographer


Service Code: CES-011

Rs. 5,299
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,199
Projector Backdrop Setup -43%

Projector Backdrop Setup


Service Code: CES-018

Rs. 26,499
Ex Tax: Rs. 14,999
Simple Balloon Decoration -60%

Simple Balloon Decoration


Service Code: CES-014

Rs. 2,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,199
Simple Canvas Backdrop 1 -45%

Simple Canvas Backdrop 1


Service Code: CES-020

Rs. 16,499
Ex Tax: Rs. 8,999
Simple Canvas Backdrop Setup -55%

Simple Canvas Backdrop Setup


Service Code: CES-013

Rs. 19,999
Ex Tax: Rs. 8,999
Team Building Activity -51%

Team Building Activity


Service Code: CES-017

Rs. 10,299
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,999

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